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Veterans Day is officially a holiday in the United States of America. It’s celebrated to honor the military veterans who served world war 1. Veterans Day is also celebrated in few other countries which mark the annual anniversary of the end of World War 1. And at the 11th month of 1918 at the exact 11th hour of the 11th day, all hostilities of World War 1 got to know that the War has ended. Veterans Day was known as Armistice Day but this Holiday’s name was later changed in 1954 to Veterans Day. This Day is also celebrated in few other countries with different names.

Veterans Day is basically celebrated to observe a day with parades and public meetings which begin at 11 A: M. But the war did not officially end at that time. Its original concept is to give tribute and honor veterans who fought for their country in World War 1.
Veterans Day was approved as a legal holiday on 11th November in the United States on 13th May 1938 under an act of US Law. Till 1954, Veterans Day was celebrated primarily as “Armistice Day” to honor veterans of World War 1. After that World War 2 required much more sailors, airmen, marines, and soldiers. That time America forces had fought aggressively in Korea, the 83rd Congress, at the urging of the veterans service organizations, amended the Act of 1938 by changing the word “Armistice” and inserted the word “Veterans” in its place, With the approval of this legislation ( 380 public law) on 1st June in 1954. After that, 11th of November became a day to honor American veterans of all Wars.

“In order to ensure the widespread observance and responsibility of Veterans Day, all countrymen and all veterans like soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen are invited to celebrate this day with all respects. From today onwards, Harvey V Higley will be the Chairman of Veterans Day National Committee, who is also the Administrator of Veterans Affairs and it shall include other persons which the new chairman will select to coordinate the national planning of the day. The executive branch of US govt will assist this National Committee in every possible way. ” This statement was issued by President Dwight D. Eisenhower on the First Veterans Day Proclamation on 8th October, same year.
Honorable Harvey V Higley. was designated as the Chairman of Veterans Day National Committee on that same day by President Eisenhower.

After that convulsion happened in 1971 when Congress changed the date of Veterans Day to Fourth Monday of October from 11th of November. Which led to commotion because a lot of states refused to recognize this change. Some people would be celebrating Veterans Day on fourth Monday of October while others celebrated it on 11th of November. But finally, after few years in 1978, the date was again changed back to 11th of November.
Ther was one more interesting dispute involving Veterans Day which involved a matter of its spelling and grammar. The official govt-approved spelling is “Veterans Day”, but many people misspelled it as “Veteran’s Day”. Which clearly explains that this holiday is all about honoring our veterans rather than just a day that belongs to Veterans.
Its Veterans Day holiday on 10th and 11th of November, 2017 in the whole nation except Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Veterans Day Holiday will be on 13th of November, 2017 in Rhode Island.

Many time people believe that Veterans Day and Memorial Day are celebrated for the same reason. Actually, both these days are celebrated to honor our military personnel, but the difference between both is that the Memorial day is celebrated to recall and pay respect to all the women and men who died fighting for our country in the war. while “Veterans Day” is celebrated to honor the soldiers who are still alive and serves our country at any time, during war or peace.

Many other countries also celebrate this day in honor of their own veterans, they celebrate it in different ways. Like Canada celebrate it to honor all their living Veterans, while others like the United Kingdom celebrate it in the honor of all living or dead soldiers. All countries have different names for this day, like new Zealand and France calls it “Armistice Day”. Poppy Day is the name referred in South Africa and Malta.

It doesn’t matter what name we call this day with, what matters is the reason for observing the day- To show respect and honor the brave women and men who sacrifice their lives to make the world a better and safer place for the rest of us.


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